Witsand iEEECO™ Sustainable Human Settlement, Cape Town

Our trademarked, award-winning iEEECO (integrated energy, environment, empowerment cost-optimization) methodology promotes sustainable community-driven development to fight against energy and environmental poverty, and fight for the delivery of clean and affordable basic municipal services.

Educated citizenry & well-trained workforce underpin the knowledge based economy

Dr. Lilia Abron's National Department of Human Settlements Keynote Address, 2013

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Find out about the different ways a water body can get polluted and what local regulatory bodies use to assess water quality of local rivers and streams.

Advanced Metering Technologies

What smart meters really are, consumer and utility-side benefits of smart meters, environmental impact and risk assessment. 

Current Energy Use in South Africa

Learn more about this emerging country's energy use, future energy profile and so much more!