The Problem

Growth in both population and consumption rates is almost everywhere taken for granted and encouraged, and the use of non-renewable resources, including fossil fuels, lies at the heart of most economic activities. Yet unless we move in the direction of sustainability, we risk grave environmental, economic, and demographic problems. While public policy can help us move in the direction of sustainability in ways that are effective and politically acceptable; citizen-led movements for sustainability can be at least as effective as efforts by government officials.

Ensuring that within less than two human generations, as many as 10 billion people are decently fed and housed without damaging the environment on which we all depend upon represents a monumental challenge. For us, sustainability means preserving the purity of the ecosystem components and its functions through long-term maintenance via the implementation of policies, programs and plans. As a result, we define sustainability by deconstructing it into 4 distinct priority areas:

rural electrification

Helping communities become more sustainable and livable with an engaged, responsive, and service-oriented government. PEER Africa’s sustainable philosophy focuses on the provision of the basic municipal services to disenfranchised communities. We provide technical and financial support to help communities living in extreme energy and environmental poverty leap-frog into high-tech sustainable human settlements. To learn more, click here.


We are committed to being on the front lines of how community outreach and education, governance and transparency, and citizen/civic engagement ought to adapt and transform with the latest technological advancements and evolving social media in the digital age. We facilitate technical training and hands-on implementation assistance to communities in the application and use of appropriate, affordable, energy efficient and resource conserving technologies that will bring about resilient communities in the built environment.